Shreya Chappidi

Year: Second Year

Major/Intended Path of Study: Leadership & Public Policy + Cognitive Science

Position: President


Other involvements at UVA: University Programs Council, Women’s Leadership Development Program, Housing & Residence Life, Madison House Medical Services, 

What does ATP mean to you and/or why are you excited to be a part of the team? 

Growing up with a younger sister with developmental disabilities, I have an immense appreciation for endeavors that make the world more accessible and inclusive. It’s so easy to take everyday experiences for granted when they are tailored towards you, so I’m excited to help open up the array of opportunities in Charlottesville. 

What’s something new you’re looking forward to/something new you want to do? 

I’m looking forward to bringing some of ATP’s work back to Grounds. I think there’s great value in showing different CIOs what it means to be accessible and sensory-friendly, and I would love for more Charlottesville families and UVA students to interact and form close relationships.