Olivia Cosby

University of Virginia Class of 2018IMG_9398

College of Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Majors: Drama & Psychology

Role in ATP: Theater Outreach Chair

What makes me passionate about Accessible Theatre Project?

My dream is to own a non-profit dedicated to accessible theatre. ATP is my first step in that process. I love working with every single kid that we interact with and seeing all of their faces light up when the show starts. I think the arts have a very powerful influence on the world and introducing more of the world to theatre can really make a difference in others lives.

My favorite Accessible Theatre Project Memory:

The opening of Captain Louie Jr. when it was all made real. Months of work had finally come together to create a truly magical moment.

Other Involvement:

First Year Players, UVA Drama Department, CollegeWorks Painting Intern