Nina Ferenc

Year: First Year

Major/Intended Path of Study: Neuroscience

Position: Volunteer Coordinator


Other involvements at UVA: Alzheimer’s research in the Ferris Lab, OBSERVE neurologist shadowing

What does ATP mean to you and/or why are you excited to be a part of the team? 

With my creative spirit and love for kids, I am able to live out my passions while creating a unique experience never thought possible for these kids. My happiness feeds off the gratitude and joy families feel from opportunities ATP and other organizations provide. Having worked with kids with disabilities for many years, I am excited to continue my involvement in the disabled community.

What’s something new you’re looking forward to/something new you want to do? 

I excited to interact with the kids and their families within the Charlottesville community as well as exploring new opportunities ATP has to offer. Engaging in other mediums of art such as painting, sculpting, and music could offer some new sensory activities and combine within theater production events.