Jaclyn Lund

HeadshotUniversity of Virginia Class of 2018

College of Arts and Sciences

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Majors: Psychology & Classics

Role in ATP: Executive Administrator

What makes me passionate about Accessible Theatre Project?

I have a close family member who was diagnosed by Aspergers when we were growing up, and watching him struggle to fit into a neurotypical world broke my heart. I’m incredibly happy to say that years later he is doing incredibly well and has found an outlet through wrestling. I think that something like theater, which has been responsible for so many amazing moments in my life, can provide one of the best outlets and experiences for all kids.

My favorite Accessible Theatre Project Memory:

I got to welcome people to the Peabody School for Captain Louie, Jr. and watching everyone pull up to the school so excited and get out of their cars ready to see an amazing performance was magical.

Other Involvements:

First Year Players Theatre Group – Assistant Director, Autism Speaks U at UVA – Vice President, Classics Club – President, Virginia Senior Classical League – Secretary/Treasurer