Arijeet Sensharma

University of Virginia Class of 201914379809_565266596994473_3012203395121405082_o.jpg

The Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Majors: Public Policy & Leadership and Music

Role in ATP: Assistant Administrator

What makes me passionate about Accessible Theatre Project:
Theater has given me so much throughout my life, and not just the opportunity to perform; theater has given me strong communities, powerful emotional experiences, and most simply, joy. These are all experiences that everyone deserves to have, and I think that is is incredibly important to make theater accessible to everyone, particularly those who might normally face barriers to enjoying theater. It is also important to me that the UVA and Charlottesville communities as a whole are constantly working to be more inclusive, and ATP can greatly contribute to this mission.
Favorite Accessible Theatre Project memory:
I am new to ATP and as such have not volunteered at any events yet, but I attended the sensory-friendly performance of FYP’s production of The Addams Family, and it was really heart-warming to see the faces of the children in the audience light up as they watched the show and met the actors after it was over!
Other UVA Involvements:
First Year Players, University Singers, Chamber Singers, University Democrats, Spectrum Theater