Character Guide – Toy Story

Woody: In Andy’s room, Woody is used to being the leader and the favorite toy until Buzz Lightyear comes along. He’s the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the entire wild west. Woody soon realizes he has to overcome his problems with Buzz to get out of trouble and make Andy happy.

Buzz: As the newest and coolest space hero toy, Buzz doesn’t realize he isn’t real and unique. When he joins Andy’s toy, he makes Woody jealous. Just like Woody, they decide to work together to make Andy happy and save the day.

Mr. Potato Head: He is the grumpy one of the group, but that doesn’t mean he is a loner. He loves his friends and risks it all to help both Woody and Buzz return safely.

Andy: Andy is the owner of all the toys, and he loves all of them dearly. All of his toys know this and they love him just as much!

Sid: Sid is Andy’s mean next-door neighbor. He’s constantly getting in trouble and unlike Andy, Sid’s toys don’t like him because he’s not nice to them.

Slinky Dog: He is one of Woody’s best friends and is half slinky-half dog. He is the most loyal to Woody and never wants Woody to be sad.

Bo Peep: She is a doll based on the nursery rhyme character and she and Woody have always had crushes on each other. She’s very sweet and stays out of trouble.

Rex: Even though he may look like a big green, mean dinosaur, he’s one of the nicest guys around! He loves video games and having fun, but he’s also the quickest one to start worrying.

Hamm: Hamm is the “tell it how it is” guy of the group. He’s not the first one to volunteer for an adventure, but he’s quick to rescue his friends if they’re in trouble.

Andy’s Mom: She is Andy’s mom, and although she doesn’t show up for much of the play, she’s always looking after Andy and cleaning up the toys.

Aliens: While Woody and Buzz are stuck at Pizza Planet, they find an entire colony of silly, little aliens in a crane machine. They always say the same things and they follow Woody and Buzz throughout their escape from Pizza Planet and Sid’s house.