Character Guide – Peter and the Starcatcher

Peter Pan: Peter is an orphaned boy who starts out on the ship The Never Land.
Peter also is extremely curious and goes looking for the magical trunk. Peter
discovers a trunk of some starstuff that temporarily gives him the power to fly. He
quickly realizes he has too much, leaving him 12-years- old forever with the
permanent ability to fly. He’s a funny, curious, and mischievous boy that loves to
trick the pirates and befriend all the mermaids.

Molly Aster: Molly is a friend of a Peter and the daughter of another starcatcher and
the future king’s advisor. She herself is a starcatcher and joins Peter on The Never
Land. When the ship sinks, she becomes stranded on the island with Peter. Molly
saves Peter from trouble and can talk to porpoises, which lets her communicate
with Ammm.

Black Stache: Black Stache is the most feared pirate in all the seven seas. He is the
captain of the Sea Devil but quickly takes over another ship, the Wasp, and renames
it the Jolly Roger. When he hears about the power of starstuff, he goes after Peter
and the crew aboard The Never Land. A storm leads Black Stache to find the island
Peter and Molly are stuck on and he begins his quest for the trunk of starstuff.

Smee: First mate to Black Stache, he is a simple- and single-minded, funny little man
dedicated to Black Stache.

Sanchez: He works on The Wasp, he’s a hard working pirate under Black Stache.

Ammm: Ammm is a special starcatcher- he’s a porpoise! He talks to Peter with
Molly’s help and leads them to the trunk of starstuff. He’s a loyal and loving friend
who works to help stop the pirates from finding the trunk.

Lord Leonard Aster: Lord Leonard Aster is Molly’s dad and one of the most famous
starcatchers in the world. He happens to be on board when Black Stache captures
The Wasp and is taken prisoner. However, he manages to escape and rushes to
rescue Molly and the other children stranded on the island.

Teacher: Teacher is someone who turns into a mermaid after getting ahold of
starstuff. She helps guard the trunk and tries to fend off Slank!

Slank: Slank is the Never Land’s first mate. He’s captured by the pirates but soon
escapes. He joins a group called The Others that are evil starcatchers.

Fighting Prawn: He is the leader of the Mollusks and a very old man who refuses to
give up the quest for the trunk of starstuff.

Hawking Clam: Son of Fighting Prawn.

Prentiss: Ambitious, logical, and a little older than Peter, the orphaned Prentiss
wants to be the leader but loyally follows Peter.

Ted: Nicknamed “Tubby” by Prentiss because of his love for food, Ted is the most
talented of the boys for his easy wit. While he and Prentiss often don’t get a long, he
loves being around someone like him, an orphan.

Mrs. Blumbrake: Mrs. Blumbrake is Molly’s nanny, a very through and through, no-
nonsense woman. She loves Molly more than anything.

Captain Scott: He’s the commander of the fastest ship, The Wasp, and a longtime
friend of Lord Aster.

Mack: A very bad sailor, Mack wants to be anything other than on a ship under
someone else’s command.

Alf: Alf is an old seadog who is far more proud of his rank than he should be.