Four County Players – A Christmas Story

Where: Four County Players, 5256 Governor Barbour St, Barboursville, VA 22923
When: Saturday, December 2
Time: 2P.M.
Tickets: Reserve tickets here.

What is a sensory-friendly performance?

Four County Players is partnering with the Accessible Theatre Project to offer a free, sensory-friendly presentation of “A Christmas Story”. Sensory-friendly performances aim to provide a positive viewing experience for children with autism or other sensory-related disabilities and their families. The performance will have special accommodations to account for potential sensory challenges such as jarring sounds or lights. A quiet area will be available during the show for anyone who needs to take a break. Specially trained volunteers will be present to support you and your family’s experience. A “Coming to the Theater” video will be provided to help families prepare for this outing to the theater.

Please visit the Four County Players’ website for other showings in the Charlottesville area in December 2017.

Resources such as a character guide, plot synopsis, and FAQs are provided below to help you decide if this is the right show for you and your family to attend. The full list of services is provided below in the FAQs. Children must attend the sensory-friendly performance with a parent or responsible adult. After the show, families will be invited to complete a brief survey to help us improve our understanding of sensory-friendly theatre.

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Plot Synopsis

Character Guide

Coming to the Theatre Social Story



Q: Is this performance only for those with autism or other sensory issues, or can anyone attend?

A: Sensory-friendly Performances are intended primarily for families with members on the autism spectrum or who have other sensory issues. In addition to altering the theater environment to cater to those with sensory issues, a main goal of this program is to provide a safe, judgement-free, and comfortable experience for the entire audience. We achieve this by recommending this performance for those families bringing loved ones who have a developmental disability.

Q: What accommodations will there be? How is it different from other performances?
A: The sensory-friendly accommodations include:

  • A quiet area will be provided for those audience members who may want to remove an overstimulated person from the theater and have a place to relax. Chairs and tables will be provided, as well as a variety of coloring activities and fidgets. This area will be staffed by our volunteers.
  • Resources such as a plot synopsis, character guide, and “Coming to the Theater” video social story can help families prepare for this outing to the theater.
  • Large print programs at the performance.

Q: Who are the volunteers?

A: Our volunteers are undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Virginia with experience working with children with sensory challenges. Most are involved in UVA’s Autism Speaks chapter or NSSHLA chapter (National Student Speech Language Hearing Association). All volunteers are trained by Dr. Jane Hilton, Assistant Professor of Speech Language Pathology and the Director of Clinical Services in the UVA Speech-Language-Hearing Center.

Q: Will the show on stage be any different from other showings that are not sensory-friendly?

A: A Christmas Story will have slight alterations content for this performance – please refer to the plot synopsis to determine the appropriateness for your audience member. Sensory effects will also be slightly altered.

Q: Will it be noisy during the show?

A: It’s very possible – expect there to be more than the usual ambient sounds from the audience.

Q: How can I prepare my audience member for this outing to the theater?

A: Resources such as a plot synopsis, character guide, and “Coming to the Theater” video social story can help families prepare for this outing to the theater.

Q: My attendee uses a wheelchair. What is the best access to the theater?

A: There is onsite parking with handicapped spaces available, and handicap access to the theater.

Q: Are snacks and drinks allowed in the theater?

A: Yes, food and drink are allowed inside the building.  Concessions will be sold at the theatre as well


Q: I have a question not addressed here. Who may I speak with to get more information?

A: Email us at