Character Guide – Charlottesville Ballet

The Firebird: She is a magical and fantastical bird who resembles a beautiful woman. She has powers that allow her to help Ivan when he is in danger.

Prince Ivan: He is a Prince from a distant land, and is so mesmerized by the Firebird that he captures her, but because he has a kind heart he releases her. In exchange she gives him a magic feather that allows him to call her for help whenever he might need it.

Princess Katerina: She is the most beautiful of The 13 Princesses who are trapped in the forest belonging to the Evil Sorcerer Kotschei. Prince Ivan falls in love with her at first sight and wants to rescue her and the rest of her Princess friends.

The Princesses: The Princesses are Katerina’s best friends. They have been trapped in Kotschei’s forest for a long time, waiting for someone to rescue them. They dance with magical golden apples to make themselves feel better.

The Evil Sorcerer Kotschei: Kotschei is a wicked sorcerer who keeps the Princesses trapped in his magical forest. He keeps them trapped because he is actually very lonely and wants company, he just doesn’t know how to be a friend.

Monsters: The Monsters are the darkest of creatures in the Enchanted Forest and are an integral part of Koschei’s magical spells.

Forest Maidens: The Forest Maidens live within Kotschei’s magical forest. They are not good, but they aren’t bad either. They like to watch the happenings of the forest with a neutral eye.

Minions of the Sky: Kotschei’s flying minions, they do his bidding and keep an eye on the forest. They keep an eye on all of Kotschei’s creatures.

Minions of the Land: Kotschei’s land minions live in the trees of the magical forest.  They help keep the Princesses trapped and serve at Kostchei’s will.

Cardinal Birds & Baby Birds: The Cardinal Birds and their Baby Birds fly in and out of the Enchanted Forest; they follow the Firebird wherever she goes and they will one day grow to be just like her.