Character Guide – Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown: Charlie is a resilient, loyal, patient, and dedicated character, to his friends, family, and beliefs. Even when people keep putting him down, Charlie is determined to stick up for what he believes in and make the most of situations.

Snoopy: Man’s best friend, Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s imaginative, confident pet Beagle. He constantly adopts different personas and acts out different roles.

Lucy: Lucy has many sides. She can be bossy, but she does provide an advice booth for 5 cents, displaying her great psychiatry skills. She loves humiliating Charlie Brown, but she is also interested in politics and women’s rights.

Linus: Linus is the voice of reason, acting as a conscience for the rest of the characters. He always carries his blanket and doesn’t let his youth detract from his beliefs and interests. He has something kind to say to everyone, even his crabby older sister, Lucy.

Pig Pen: Despite the dirt that constantly clings to him, Pigpen is dignified and confident in his actions, and comfortable in his own skin. He is an example for all the misfits out there and never lets other people’s taunts or insults get to him.

Frieda: Frieda loves to bring up her naturally curly red hair in conversation, and is at times seen as vain because of her self-interest; however, she is liked by many.

Schroeder: A mini musical genius and obsessed with his piano, Schroeder is a loyal friend. He is greatly inspired by Beethoven and desperately tries to evade Lucy’s romantic approaches.

Violet: While Violet can make a mean mud-pie, she and Patty are known to gang up on Charlie Brown, often more so than Lucy.

Sally: Sally is Charlie Brown’s younger sister, but she does not let the age gap between her and the rest of the characters deter her. She continues to branch out and assert herself, allowing her intense curiosity to lead the way.

Patty: Bossy at times, Patty is very close to Violet. The two of them are tag-team tormenters toward Charlie Brown.

Shermy: Shermy can be a bit bland and stands alone from the rest of the characters, but he owns that. He doesn’t have to be the star.