Natalie Kim

Year: First Year

Major/Intended Path of Study: Commerce 

Position: Marketing Chair

Other involvements at UVA: Club tennis, Scratch Zine, Korean Student Association, Solar C’ville, Women’s Business Forum at McIntire

What does ATP mean to you and/or why are you excited to be a part of the team? ATP is a huge step in providing equal experiences to everyone and allowing for accommodations to be made for enjoyment, not just for utilitarian purposes. Theater and the arts should be enjoyed by everyone and I love how this organization works towards that goal. 

What’s something new you’re looking forward to/something new you want to do? 

I’m looking forward to making people happier! Happiness is an intrinsic part of life and I’d love to give more people the opportunity to find that joy in the arts as I do. I also think it’s essential to raise awareness of inclusivity and give everyone the opportunity to grow and develop creatively