Jefferson Public Citizens Grant Awarded

We are so incredibly pleased to share that we have been awarded the Jefferson Public Citizens Grant, fully funding our project for the next calendar year.

Jefferson Public Citizens was initially funded by the UVA BOV in order to expand upon academic-community engagement at the university. We could not be more thankful for this opportunity!

We plan to use this funding to support our project for the next year, continuing to offer a wide variety of performances and viewings throughout the Spring and Fall. We also plan to use this funding to continue our development of a guide to “How to Create a Sensory-Friendly Performance” and appreciate your feedback after every show. We use this to improve our programming and resources every season. Our Braintrust team also hopes to use this funding to make a trip to nearby Richmond, VA or Washington D.C. to see a sensory-friendly production put on by a large theater company and compare their process to ours.

Learn more about the Jefferson Public Citizens trust here.


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